Contact Johno

Contact Johno

If you’d like to contact me to talk opals, ask me a question or get more information on any of the opals I have for sale, please email me on johno at (change the at for an @) and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Do you cut opal on consignment? I have about 220 carats of Lightning Ridge black opal which I would like cut & polished.

Dave Brooks

Hello Jono, down under

we are looking for an opal for our daughter. She likes the Black opal with flares of colour, reds yellows and blues. we also like the boulder opals too. what do you have and how much

Best wishes
Michelle UK

Hi Johno, I have some opal rock that needs assessing and cutting and polishing or whatever needs doing to it . Would you be interested in looking at it for me, my mob is 0402012267, thanks Denice

Hi Johnno,
I have just received my opals in the post. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see so many stones cut from the bits of rock I sent you. My husband and I absolutely loved the rainbow matrix opal, thank you for your efforts, regards Denice

Hi Johnno,
I have another little lot of opal rock I didn’t send and after seeing the matrix opal thought you may find some more cuttable opals or identify the matrix opal bits. Are you interested in looking at them for me? Thanks Denice

Johno, I would like to talk to you about an opal which I would like to evaluate and cut and polish… you there? Mike

John, I’m well impressed with the stones you have cut. The Andmooka Fire Opal leaves me with the task of finding a jeweller that can mount the stone so that I can see both beautiful sides. And the potch is good enough to eat. I’ll have more stones for you to cut soon. Thanks, Mike.

Hello John’o,
I purchased a solid S.A. Opal 18 years ago.
In the last weeks we took the long road to Winton to purchase a opal to act as an enhancer. Obviously it had to be both striking and have a presence. ( size).
What a waste of time that was. Nothing there but ” Tourist Pieces”. Since then and because it was going to be a substantial purchase I’ve been looking at alternatives. Tanzanite, gemstones in general. Even looked at pearls as a substitute. Well haven’t things changed over the years. All the chemical, heat , oil, sugar. berillium , acid, treatments are so common they appear systemic. Nothings natural anymore. May be they never were, and now its a fine art of limitless options.
My wife and I always purchased a milestone piece to represent a time in our life.
My questions John’o are
The opals in Australia are they real or are they treated too.
How does a man buy a Australian Opal of Quality from the person that extracts it.
We have thrown out any consideration of buying pearls, tanzanite or any gemstones now in this life time because as we have discovered most and I mean it would appear over 90% of retailers cant tell either.

Kind Regards Mark

I Johno’s
I am oversea at the moment, but later I will go to Adelaide museum to see the virgin rainbow opalised belemnite on display from octobre to February.
I will contact you because if you live around I would like to meet you and have a chat.

see you later.


hi there johno,i have opals,all diferent shape,sizes and colours,could you tell me the best way to get them valued,they are in the rock,thank you..

G Day! I am so happy to have found this amazing site. I hope that you’re still around because I would LOVE to chat about my attempts to hand cut opals. I design jewellery, and will soon be working in precious metal silver clay. I’ve worked a couple of those insane Welos, by hand,by soaking and picking, and have managed to come up with one that is just amazing, but they fracture horribly, being more of a crystalline than solid. I’m looking at rough lightening ridge opal now, and could sure use your help in understanding what they are embedded in. Hope to hear back from you! Cheers for this great site you’re a legend! Pam

Aloha Johno; I purchased more than a dozen or so opals from your ebay offerings way back in 2000-2004. Some of the best in my collection of more than 300 opals are from your mine. I just happened upon this internet site while looking for a stone for a man’s pendant; approx. 33mm x 20mm x 7mm that can be drilled horizontally to run a leather cord through. But I haven’t been able to find any opals from you on ebay or on this website. Do you think you might have anything with a lot of color, maybe Koroit-boulder-yowah that you’d consider right for what I’d like? I wear the one I have now for the last 15 years of swimming the channel here in Maui, Hi, and only take it off to put on a new cord. Even if you are content to treasure what you have put away, it’s been a pleasure to come across your name after all these years.

Hi Johno,

I am contacting you from Prospero Productions, we are a documentary production company based in Perth. We are currently developing a pilot about opal miners and I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes for a quick chat? Let me know the best number to reach you on or alternatively you can call me back on 0417 902 105.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Best wishes,


Hi Johno,

can you send me a contact number so I can call you , I would like to discuss an Andamooka opal collection I have. Thankyou Ross.

Hi, johno,

HI johno I would like to make contact in regards to an Andamooka opal collection I have could you send me a phone number so I can contact you

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